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Rocks & Minerals

Your #1 Source for Outstanding Australian and World Wide Minerals, Fossils, Crystals and Rocks.


Rocks have been sitting around forever. It is true that some rocks get impatient, e.g volcanic eruptions, but they usually just stay about for millions of years. That is, until someone finds a use for them, or likes them so much they just have to collect them. Half the world is moved from one place to another and what is considered ordinary in one place is treasure in another.

People spend holidays searching in creeks and on mountains just to find that special rock or mineral for their collection. For those who cannot do this for real there is the internet to provide fossicking fun, or rock shops which have taken the first steps. In this website you can find some of the finest minerals, rocks and crystals in the world. Whether you are a seasoned rockhound, mineral collector or enthusiastic amateur you are sure to find something to suit your taste and your budget.

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A fantastic selection of the finest minerals, rocks and crystals awaits you. Use our new menu system at top-left to go straight to the categories that interest you most. You can also use our new advanced search engine feature to find the exact item you are looking for if we have it in stock.  There is always something new and exciting from cabinet size mineral specimens of Australian and world wide rocks, minerals, crystals, gemstones and fossils to huge extra special pieces from the best known world wide locations.  

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April 2021 Date Posted: Changes made to this website.
April 2021 Date Posted: Good doggy!
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Please Note:  All our prices are quoted in Australian dollars
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Our prices are actually even lower than they may appear at first glance. 

Cooloola Rocks and Minerals has been in business for over 40 years (since long before the internet and websites) and in that time we have had thousands of satisfied customers.  We have become one of the best known and appreciated rocks and mineral dealers in Australia (if not worldwide!).  You can order with us with confidence knowing that we have been around for many years.  Your precious package of rocks and minerals will be promptly dispatched to you, packaged to arrive safely.

John and Cecile Steenbergen
1 Lobwein Road
Kybong Via Gympie Qld
Tel 61 7 5483 5252

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